Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Zombie Deathmatch Art





I am thankful to Reliance games to give me opportunity to work in this project. Every project i worked on polishes my skills and creativity. Enjoyed a lot while working on "ZOMBIE DEATHMATCH" with very short deadline. Each character done in approximately 15 days with sculpting, topology, normal map, and texture creation.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marilyn monroe

Here is the Famous pose of Marilyn monroe.
I was doing that for one competition but cant make it on time, I was on trip.. :)
Now i m working on this model.

Still there are some changes has to be done on face, hand and more detailing on cloths..

Naseeruddin Shah

Here's another WIP images.

Another updated version. Level 5 sculpting (WIP). still long way to cover. and getting more interesting. hope you guys like it. And I am planning to texture it also...

Just Started new Face model of Naseeruddin Shah. (WIP)
Always watching others work and seeing always some Hollywood actors, thought of doing Bollywood icons. I choose him because He is one of my fav actor. Have some unique features such as his nose area, eyes and eyebrow, and cheek line.

Super Mario

Super Mario

Mashroom man

Mashroom man (Grayscale)

Mushroom man (Wireframe)

Turtle (Grayscale)

Turtle man

This are my some project works, done for my friends.
Basically this characters are from the game Super mario..

MG3 Machine Gun

Here is the "MG3 Machine Gun" model and textured. This is high poly model. It was really fun while doing this model.
Software: 3ds max and Photoshop..